"Leonardo da Vinci wrote about seeing images in random stains on walls or throwing a paint rag against a wall and contemplating the imagery that chance rather than an artist’s deliberate planning can produce. I read faces in surface variations of the bricks of our floors that way. In that same way, in the early stages of my paintings I see things that I hadn’t intentionally painted that I might accept as a suggestion or I might ignore. Essential to the painting process is the continual questioning of whether to keep and enhance and develop something, or ignore what comes as a faint suggestion made by mind and eye reacting to chance happenings. In my painting, I try this or that change in color or shape, and with each change other possibilities would become apparent. In this way the game unfolds and any painting in progress becomes interesting to work with. It can be exciting and it can be frustratingly difficult. It is the only form of meditation I want in my life, the only relatively inactive part of a waking day I am able to accept, and the only thing I have endless patience with."


Excerpt from Alan Feltus' memoir

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